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Messy People; Merciful God: 

Sermons on the Book of Judges

In the book of Judges, there is an ongoing cycle of the people’s disobedience, God raising up a judge, the people’s obedience, the judge dying, and then the people’s disobedience.  And the cycle gets tighter and shorter with each judge.

Of course, the backstory is that the people are now in the land of promise.  God has delivered them, and when entering the land with Joshua, the Israelites had promised full obedience to God.  Didn’t happen.  They were so easily pulled into the spiritual pluralism of the day.  And yet…God keeps coming back to them.  When they cry for mercy, he raises a new judge.  And for a time, they obey.  Even the judges become increasingly flawed and sinful.  Not quite the “heroes” our Sunday school stories always like to make them out to be.  We see a messy people and a merciful God.

We, too, are a messy people.  The more we confess our mess and brokenness, the more God’s transformational mercy can transform us into the people he’s meant us to be.  As Tim Keller writes, see with fresh eye “a God of mercy and long-suffering, who continually works in and through us despite our constant resistance to his purposes.”  The true hero of the book—and of each of our stories-- is God himself.

February 18:      The Cycle Begins... 

Lent I                           Judges 2:1-5, 16- 23; 3:1-5


February 25:      Expect the Unexpected: Deborah

Lent II                         Judges 4

March 4:             The Dangers of Success: Gideon

Lent III                          Judges 6-8

March 11:            Dark Times: Jesphthah

Lent IV                         Judges 10:6 - 12:7

March 18:            A Shadow in the Darkness: Samson

Lent V                          Judges 13 - 16

March 25:          The Need for a King

Lent VI                        Judges 21:24-25

Palm Sunday              Luke 19: 28-44

April 1:               Jesus: The Risen King             

Easter                          Revelation 1: 9-20

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Key Resource for the Messy People; Merciful God Series:
The Flawed and the Flawless, by Tim Keller