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Signposts of the Kingdom: 

Jesus's Miracles in John's Gospel

The word “miracle” can be easily bantered around: “it was a miracle I passed that test”, “that she admitted she was wrong was next to a miracle”.  We can even use Miracle Whip on our sandwiches.  But have you ever witnessed a real-life miracle, where something inexplicable, against the realm of the natural world, beyond the logic of science has occurred?  John, one of Jesus’ disciples, records seven such events produced, with Jesus as the source.  Yet we discover that Jesus doesn’t want us to be focused on the miracle per se, but understand it as a signpost indicating the way and character of his kingdom.  Come, follow the signposts to discover Christ and his kingdom.


April 29   Water into Wine

John 2:1-11

May 6      Official’s Son

John 4:43   


May 13    Healing Pool

John 5

June 3      Feeding 5,000

John 6


June 10    Walking on Water

John 6


June 17     Man Born Blind

John 9

June 24     Lazarus

John 11


July 1         Post Resurrection Miracle: Catch of Fish

John 21

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